Tesi Back To Wall WC

Tesi Back To Wall WC


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  • Vitrified sanitary porcelain countertop toilet in white color.
  • Porcelain baked at 1270 ° is insensitive to light and unalterable to basic acids.
  • Its porosity is less than 0.1%, the breaking point is between 500 and 600 kg / cm 2.
  • The enamel  is placed directly on the porcelain and is cooked at the same temperature, without slip.
  • The bowl has an innovative patented AquaBlade® rinse system which means improved performance, hygiene and design.
  • The water passes through a groove which is on average 1 cm from the edge to have a rinsing as high as possible of the walls.
  • On the front two large jets energize a powerful rinse that push water and impurities into the sifon.
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AquaBlade® technology sets new standards in both toilet design and optimum flush performance.

It is classy and practical, stylish and efficient. It’s thin rims and curved-line items bring an airy feel to any environment; while the exclusive Aquablade® flushing technology and the wide range of bathroom solutions provide for a highly relaxing and enjoyable space. It’s the perfect solution for those who appreciate beauty, comfort and personal style.


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