Idealduo Shower Kit Set

Idealduo Shower Kit Set


SKU: 07242
  • Shower system:
  • Two way Ceramic diverter in brass body
  • Adjustable solid wall bracket
  • Bended arm fixed to the wall bracket
  • 3 function handspray
  • Handspray head size 100 mm
  • 8 l/min flow restrictor
  • Shower head size Ø 200 mm
  • 12 l/min flow restrictor
  • Wall bracket
  • 1051 mm shower pipe Ø 25 mm + slider
  • 1750 mm Idealflex hose
  • 0.5 m Idealflex hose (connection to fitting)
  • Chrome finish
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What’s the key to a great shower? You need to consider style, how much space you have and the level of control you need.After a busy day, your bathroom can be a refuge of relaxation and warmth. An Idealrain shower invites you to stand beneath warming rain, eyes closed, face turned upwards, and let the sensation of rainfall wash away the stresses of the day. Idealrain helps you relax, unwind and escape. You can indulge yourself in a rain shower that you control to suit your mood. A long, hot shower gives you a deeply relaxing soaking. Lighter rainfall can revive the spirits, whilst a stronger stream gives you the feeling of reaching deep into your tired muscles and massaging them gently back to life.

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