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Our Instagram Store makes shopping easy on our instagram page, just by checking our Insta Store Catalog, finding what you want, pay for it quick and easy, plus view other selections you may be interested in.
We know you shop on Instagram, and it is one of the social media platforms you gather information from, and what better way to lesson your stress of searching for quality products than having a dedicated catalog to show you all the quick-fix bathroom solutions.
Aside from our Insta Store Catalog, our customer care team are on standby to share any details you may need, and also address any concerns you may have, to help you decide on which product to buy.
One good thing about our Insta store is, it’s created with your needs in mind. plus you get the needed after-sales service to help install the product.
With time, our Insta catalog will have all the top-selling products you need, and an efficient payment and delivery service, to save you the time of visiting the showroom when not entirely necessary.
We stand by our core focus of being experts in transforming bathrooms across the country and beyond. This has been our key focus since 1994 and we aim to improve our products and service delivery to help Ghanaians enjoy their homes.
The key to having peace of mind is placing value on every single product in your bathroom and home as a whole. From the robe hook to the shower, the tap to the toilet bowl, do not compromise on quality.

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