About Us

We are Kimo Home, the leading importer of premium sanitary ware and tiles in Ghana, with 25 years of established partnership with world renowned manufacturers of quality brands. At Kimo, we don’t just select brands, we curate the finest of them all. Our brands have specialists who have combined critical thinking, creativity and innovation to produce quality products which promise longevity, with unmatched warranty.

Kimo Home’s core values stem from our passionate drive to serve all our customers, providing the best brands, highest product value, and being first in innovation in the Ghanaian market.

“As a customer-centric organization, we aim to provide our customers with The Kimo Experience. We are committed to creating a personal, inspiring & effortless experience driven by open, professional & trustworthy associates who are genuinely passionate to help people move closer to their core.”

Mohammed Issa • CEO/ FOUNDER

Our Values


We serve with solutions.
Being of service to customers and having a solution-oriented mindset means we will not sleep until we help find the answer and/or fix a problem.
Solution-oriented people don’t just solve problems, they help identify the source of a question or challenge and provide the right, or a better, way of doing things.
Service & Solution-oriented people always
find a way to answer questions.


We learn and grow.
Our growth as a business, as a team and individuals, greatly depends on striving to stay innovative, finding and being an inspiration constantly.
Staying innovative, for Kimo, means offering the latest technologies in our products and
services, being up-to-date and creative with our sales & marketing approach and
upgrading our skills and expertise in our various fields of work.


We connect together as a team & with our Community
To advance in our endeavours, as a team and as a community, we must have a togetherness
mindset, a teamwork approach that ultimately helps achieve the bigger goal as a business and as part of the community we are in.
“Coming Together Is A Beginning; Keeping Together Is Progress; Working Together Is Success.”

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