Who we are

We are Kimo Home, the leading importer of premium sanitary ware and tiles in Ghana, with 25 years of established partnership with world renowned manufacturers of quality brands. At Kimo, we don’t just select brands, we curate the finest of them all. Our brands have specialists who have combined critical thinking, creativity and innovation to produce quality products which promise longevity, with unmatched warranty. Kimo Home’s core values stem from our passionate drive to serve all our customers, providing the best brands, highest product value, and being first in innovation in the Ghanaian market. We aim to create showrooms which will help us deliver the Kimo Experience. We are passionate about the seemingly little things which make a big difference for us:

Our relationships: those that are between us, the Kimo team. Those that are between us and our cherished customers. Those that are between us and our suppliers.

The Kimo Technicians Academy: Created for our plumbers to serve our customers. This association aims at organizing seminars and trainings by experts in the field.

Our showrooms: We are transforming our retail space into studio-like spaces that will help us deliver The Kimo Experience.

Our ways of working: We are one organisation that happens to be divided into departments. We have one equal goal and we liaise with one another to make things work. We believe in working efficiently as a team and communicating effectively.

This is us.

This is Kimo Home.