CEO’s Message

CEO's Message

Mohammed Issa

Kimo Home started more than twenty-five years ago in a small store filled with brass fittings and tiles, and over the years we have shifted and evolved into a multifaceted stellar force. Kimo has now been firmly established as a leading sanitary ware and tiles supplier in Ghana with three permanent branches in Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi.

We envisioned creating a distinctive operation, which would ultimately become the first and best of its kind to provide affordable luxury to every building in Ghana. Our passion for incorporating timeless style in our homes has inspired us in curating the finest and quality products from top companies around the world.

We have built a carefully crafted portfolio of tiles, sanitary ware, window blinds, furniture upholstery fabrics, bathroom furniture, complete kitchens, accessories, adhesives, and tools, enriched with an aftersales service, a 3D virtual service, a technical service and a solid plumbers union. The Kimo Home Plumbers Union is periodically trained by the experts in that field, and are constantly updated and upgraded so they are able to provide the best services for our esteemed clients.

Ghana is currently positioned as a hub for continuous growth and expansion backed by a conducive business environment; the real estate industry in Ghana has witnessed an impressive growth in both demand and value over the past decade driven by a growth in the middle-income group and an influx of returnees and foreigners into the country either for business, visit or relocation. We are providing this growing demand by striving to meet our customers’ wide-ranging present day needs. By paying extreme attention to detail to trends and the transformation of the tile and sanitary ware industry, we are also able to anticipate the future needs of our clients.

KIMO Home remains ahead of its time as we provide cutting-edge products, technical solutions, aftersales service and Customer Satisfaction. We continue to give our customer value for their money through offering superior quality products at unbeatable prices.

In addition to expanding operations, our goal is to also further develop as a company that is highly regarded by all of our competitors and trusted by both the builder and the wider society. As we move forward to build on this storied past and to serve more contractors, architects, artisans, and the private home owner, we intend to continue abiding by the highest standards in all our doings.

The final part of our mission is to constantly grow the company and expand opportunities for our customers and employees.

Thank you for joining us on this unforgettable journey.

Mohammed Issa
CEO, Kimo Home Limited